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LandScape Group is a company with more than 27 years of experience in the fields of agriculture, marketing and general trade, and operates from multiple branches in Turkey, Italy, Spain, Iraq in addition to branches in the Gulf countries, especially Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Our website and applications aim to sell and distribute a variety of products related to agricultural fields including plants, agricultural equipment, garden landscaping equipment, irrigation supplies, and a variety of accessories.


Our Principles: 

We are working to create a transparent environment that works with high credibility and aims to find a link between the customer and the supplier through a marketing site that makes it easier for the customer to collect his needs of products and deliver them in the fastest and best way.


Our team:

We create an environment in which team members are free to exchange ideas and work with a sense of ownership, belonging, integrity and respect and to be driven through continuous learning. Our team is also working on devising ways to increase the effectiveness of use, through renewal and keeping abreast of the latest technical and marketing developments.



We strive to increase the trust of our customers, in addition to developing deep relationships to earn their loyalty. In essence, we hope to provide a wide range of agricultural and plant supplies from all groups in an efficient and easy manner to our customers. This is done by collecting applications from different sources and combining them to make a single shipment. Then we provide all necessary shipping and other logistics arrangements before they are delivered to our customers. So we focus primarily on wholesaling.


Create value:

We will create economic value for our stakeholders on a daily basis, and we will work towards achieving sustainable profits to provide the long life of our organization and bring about positive change for our employees and the environment in which we live.